Franchise Sales Lead Generation

At Bloomfield Growth Agency, we understand the importance of connecting franchisors with the right franchisees. Our innovative social advertising strategies are designed to introduce your brand to new audiences and showcase the profitable opportunities your concept offers.

Our Unique Approach: Short-Format UGC Video Advertising

What sets us apart is our expertise in short-format, user-generated content (UGC) video advertising. This modern marketing technique allows us to tell your brand’s story in a compelling and relatable way, engaging potential franchisees with authentic narratives that resonate on a personal level.

Benefits of UGC Video Advertising

Authentic Engagement

UGC videos foster a genuine

connection with your audience, leading to higher trust and interest in your franchise opportunity


Short-format videos are a budget-friendly alternative to traditional advertising, providing a higher return on investment

Wide Reach

These ads are shareable and have the potential to go viral, significantly expanding your brand’s visibility

Enterprise Expertise Applied to Any Business

Our process is transparent and results-driven. Here’s what you can expect when partnering with us for your franchise sales lead generation


Brand Message Amplification

We’ll work with you to craft a message that encapsulates the essence of your brand and the opportunity it presents


High Lead Volume

A typical campaign with a $5,000 monthly overall budget can expect between 100-200 leads in the first month or two


Continuous Optimization

We constantly refine our strategies based on performance data to ensure the best results

Examples of Successful Franchise Advertising Campaigns

Below you can see several examples of franchises sales campaigns via short-form video ads that have been highly successful for our clients

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