Social Media Advertising

At Bloomfield Growth Agency, we specialize in creating impactful short-format, user-generated content (UGC) video ads that resonate with audiences across Meta Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. Our innovative approach to storytelling through UGC not only enhances brand awareness but also drives direct lead generation.

Why Short-Format UGC Social Ads?

What is UGC Style?

High Engagement

These ads capture attention quickly and are shared widely, leading to a significant increase in leads


Real stories from real users build trust and credibility


UGC ads can be more budget-friendly compared to traditional advertising methods


Perfect for augmenting search marketing or targeting concepts with low search volume but a large online audience

Home Services Lead Generation

We crafted a campaign that significantly boosted awareness and supported new installation sales. Our UGC video ads showcased real customer testimonials, highlighting the ease and efficiency of home services.

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Bloomfield Example of Work: Franchise Sales, Lead Generation...

Franchise Sales Lead Generation

A detailed understanding of marketing channels, their contribution to revenue and the effect of your organization to close deals is critical. Let us help you start the process of continual improvement.

Medical Lead Generation

The medical lead generation campaign utilized UGC to convey patient satisfaction and trust in medical services, leading to increased inquiries and patient engagement.

Bloomfield Work Examples - Medical Industry Social Ads...

Are You a Good Fit?

Ready to tell your brand’s story through short-format UGC video ads?

We love working with local businesses because of the impact we can have. It’s tangible, visible and it’s proven to work.

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